Culture: The Base of Civil Society
Culture: The Base of Civil Society
Culture: The Base of Civil Society


180x130x12 mm
120 pages
Language: Ukrainian
ISBN: 978-966-97657-3-4

Culture: The Base of Civil Society

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Culture: The Base of Civil Society is a new book of the Small Run Books series, which unites two articles co-written by Pascal Gielen and Thijs Lijster, published by Culture Commons Quest Office and Valiz.

Is contemporary Europe possible without culture? What sustains a harmonious coexistence of members of the society when there are a lot of independent cultural players and stakeholders? How does the experience of contemporary art influence civic action? These are some of the questions raised by the authors of the book.

Translation of the articles 1) Culture: The Substructure for a European Common and 2) The Civil Potency of a Singular Experience: On the Role of Cultural Organizations in Transnational Civil Undertakings into Ukrainian: Yaroslava Strikha.


1. Dorothee Richter. Artists and Curators as Authors – Competitors, Collaborators, or Teamworkers?
2. Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster. Culture: The Base of Civil Society
3. George Baker. Photography's Expanded Field
4. Hans Ulrich Obrist. Robert Crumb. Art Spiegelman. John Carlin. Borys Filonenko. Comics in the Museum of Contemporary Art
5. Pascal Gielen. Performing the Common City. On the Crossroads of Art, Politics and Public Life
6. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. Disordered Time
7. Bruno Latour, Rem Koolhaas, Albena Yaneva, Isabelle Stengers, Anna Tsing, Nils Bubandt, Kseniia Hnylytska. Does Anyone Still Love Cities? Ecology Against Modernization

Design of the series: 3z studio