About us

ist publishing is a small press on contemporary art, theory, anthropology, design, and photography based in Ukraine. Our books focus on researching contemporary art practices in Ukraine, including art books, photobooks, and comics. Another aspect of our work are committed to translating essential texts on art theory and history, philosophy of art, and sociology of culture by leading international researchers. 

We curate exhibitions, organize festivals, and workshops. We're passionate about creating visually captivating storytelling around socially relevant topics.

Established in 2017 by a circle of like-minded people: Kateryna Nosko, Anastasiia Leonova, and Borys Filonenko.

Our mission

We aim to create a circle that shares the same interests and ideals with a possibility of gradual expansion of the dialogue on contemporary art processes. This will not only help us understand how we live today but will also affect how we change tomorrow.


Kateryna Nosko and Anastasiia Leonova, publishers

Borys Filonenko, editor, author

Maria Farbota, a publishing rights manager

Maria Sharova, project manager

Vira Loi, website editor

Polina Sopolieva, smm manager