Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design
Chronicle of Ukrainian Design


200 p.

1000 copies

Language: Ukrainian

Soft cover


ISBN 978-617-95392-2-0

Chronicle of Ukrainian Design


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‘Chronicle of Ukrainian Design’ is a new magazine about the history and development of Ukrainian design, initiated by Spiilka design bureau. The magazine is an attempt to see and show how Ukrainian design identity was born and evolved.

From the times of Kyivan Rus to today's large-scale international partnerships, Ukrainian professionals in the creative sector tell us how functional, respectful of tradition and innovative design in Ukraine is.

Among the topics of the first issue of the magazine: Vasyl Krychevskyi, Coat of Arms of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the ‘e-Ukraine’ font, ‘Diia’ app, Volodymyr Pobedin, ‘Enej’ bicycle, and others.

‘The Chronicle is our contribution to culture, our Horcrux — a record of what we, the designers of Ukraine, have lived through and created. This is our story to be shared with foreigners so that they can rediscover us and perhaps love us with renewed vigour. And, therefore, they could be more willing to support us and help. The final checkpoint will be the creation of 10 issues of the magazine and the book “Anthology of Ukrainian Design” in English for a foreign audience,' comments Volodymyr Smirnov, editor-in-chief of the “Chronicle” and design director of Spiilka. 

Typography, graphic design, industrial and product design, digital design — the ‘Chronicle of Ukrainian Design’ covers all these areas and tells about projects and designers that have influenced Ukraine and Ukrainians and have been noticed in the world.

While Nastichka Zherebetska, co-founder of the ‘Chronicle’ and design director of Spiilka, says about the publication: ‘Ukrainian culture is on the verge of annihilation again, so we need to invest as much as possible in preserving the existing and restoring the forgotten. We need to find ourselves, dig into history, fill in historical gaps and talk about what Ukrainian design is. And for a modern designer, this is almost the only opportunity to somehow make a mark in this fast-paced world.’

The first issue was created by the Spiilka team in co-authorship and partnership with the SKVOT School of Popular Culture. It was also supported by Ukrainian IT company MacPaw, EdTech company Headway and leading law firm Vasil Kisil & Partners.

All profits from the sale will be used to fund further issues.


The idea of the magazine: 

Nastichka Zherebetska, editor-in-chief 

Volodymyr Smirnov, editor-in-chief 

Publisher: ist publishing 

Authors: Nastichka Zherebetska, Volodymyr Smirnov, Yuriy Samusenko, Oleksandra Kryvko, Yevheniia Tsatsenko

Design: Bo Yaremchuk, Nastichka Zherebetska, Volodymyr Smirnov, Serhiy Radi, Roman Sapelkin, Anna Sosnovska 

Illustrations: Lisa Sanchez, Valeria Kryzhanovska, Yulia Lobodyuchenko, Daria Petrovska 

Layout: Zakhar Kryvoshyia 

Editor: Olesia Pavlyshyn 

Literary editor: Olga Petrenko-Tseunova

Proofreader: Iryna Kurhanska

Project management: Ani Kazaryan, Victoria Berkut, Diana Ivolga

Printing: Avanpost